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August 2015 Update – KIIS in Sydney Australia PROOFS

Good day, ya’ll! It’s been way too long since I’ve updated things … so that’s what I’m doing RIGHT NOW!

Things have been cruising along nicely in recent weeks. The ‘SteveT VoiceOver Recording Studio v1.0″ is underway and should be completed at any time. This facility will be home base from this point forward and will also provide me a place to work basically all day providing voiceovers and audio happiness.

Recently, courtesy of my incredible representation by Hoss at Atlas Talent, I was contracted as an imaging voice for KIIS-FM in Sydney, Australia. I am STOKED !!! Once again, I find myself paired with the amazing voice talents of Kelly Doherty. She’s the ‘American English’ female voice on the following pieces. She and I are also paired from time to time on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. I have to admit: she makes me sound GOOD!

Please click through and enjoy these amazing productions from one of the world’s best radio imaging teams with whom I am blessed to work with … THEY make me sound EXCELLENT!

PROMO: Kyle and Jackie O Return – Weekend Promo

PROMO: $50K Giveaway

ELEMENT: Kyle and Jackie O Show – Opener

PROMO: Short – Stars on KJ Show

PROMO: Stars – Adam Lambert, Khloe Kardashian

PROMO: Stars Coming Next Week

PROMO: Kyle and Jackie O – Weekend Reminder


Some Veddy Skeddy Stuff !!!

You may recall that I’ve done a few readings with the AMAZING group of talent at Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, whose outstanding work can be found on their YouTube channel. It is EXCELLENT storytelling … ALL horror !!!

Check out these two that I’ve taken part in:

Suicide Watch” – featuring my nephew, Brenden, as the main character / narrator. I get to play a devious doctor in this one!

A Truck Stop Horror” – I’m the ‘Veteran Cop’ in this one … AMAZING production !!!


SteveT’s Update – 01/22/2015

Good morning, ya’ll !!!

UPDATE: Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

A project that I voiced for Chilling Tales called, “OCD,” a short story written by author, Edwin Crowe, will be completed and released as part of the Short and Shivery series on February 1st! This was the first project I did for Chilling Entertainment and I can’t wait to hear the final project!

You’ll find it via their website beginning on Sunday, February 1st!

ALSO: Coming soon …

Another project with Chilling Entertainment that is set for release on February 7th!

In my second project for them, I’m the voice of Doctor Marcus, a merciless sociopath, in “Suicide Watch.” It’s a story written by E. Matthews.

But here’s the coolest part for me – my nephew, Brenden Dean, will be the narrator of this story! Really proud of him – he’s been doing podcasts for a long while and I can’t wait to hear his performance on this story, coming soon !!!

There are a TON of things that are happening right now in SteveT’s Little Voice World … stay tuned, and thank you for your support !!!